A New Model for NEMT & Paratransit that Responds to Your Needs

You Can Count on Us.

Not Small Business.
Small Business, Aggregated.

Big Star Transit organizes thousands of individual Small Business Enterprises and Owner-Operators, so you don’t have to.

Our Turnkey Service Drives Performance.
We offer access to a scalable, responsive network of motivated, professional Operators. We can be ready on a dime when you need us.

Our Operator Standards are Second to None.
Our Operators uphold our industry-leading safety standards, while providing professional, on-time service with a smile.

Our Operators Enjoy Partnering with Big Star.
We provide access to a comprehensive suite of resources to support their independent business success, from vehicles to financial education to an app that manages their rides.


The Transit Nightmare is Over.

We’ve reimagined the service experience.

  • No more provider no-shows
  • No more inconsistent service
  • No shortcuts that risk compliance
  • No high turnover of small start-ups
  • No eroding quality standards
  • No paper manifests
  • No more delayed visibility on safety
  • Not more asset-heavy deployment
  • No more sky-high insurance premiums

Big Star Relieves Your Biggest NEMT & Paratransit Headaches

To our clients, we’re not just a TNC service. We’re strategic thought-partners.

  • Industry-leading safety standards
  • Maximum compliance to state & local standards
  • A network that is there when you need us
  • A new standard for service and performance
  • Professional, on-time Operators who care
  • We own the assets, so you don’t have to
  • Easily plug in Big Star to your current provider network
  • Seamless transition & integration during contract turnover
  • Improved overall quality and customer experience

Tech-Enabled Improvements in Provider Network Compliance Oversight

Our proprietary data platforms provide accurate Operator eligibility and real-time visibility of every ride.

Credentialing | Performance | Oversight | Auditing

We understand the regulations, and we know it’s difficult to maintain compliance. So we developed the most innovative technology platform on the market to provide our clients with end-to-end visibility on every ride.

  • Improved productivity and efficiency from ride booking to schedule to pick up to billing
  • Improved Operator and passenger safety with in-vehicle telematics
  • Electronic documentation occurs in real time (No more messy paper trails!)
  • Incidents are reported immediately, or as soon as safe to do so
  • Reduced passenger complaints and increased passenger satisfaction
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Contract a Fresh Perspective

Big Star represents a new wave of leadership in NEMT & Paratransit.

We don’t subscribe to “the way we’ve always done it” because we know there’s a better way. Our team incorporates women & minority leadership roles, diversity of backgrounds, genders, and ethnicities, and legions of professional, entrepreneurial Operators. Our network takes pride in giving us their “boots on the ground” insights that just keep making us better. We audaciously believe we can evolve the traditional models, and we do so for the benefit of our passengers, our Operators, and the industry at large.

MV is pleased to extend our partnership with Big Star.

“With a shared commitment to safety, operational efficiency, and employee engagement, MV is pleased to extend our partnership with Big Star to provide a better rider experience to the Dallas community.”

Keith Anglin
MV Transportation, General Manager

Supporting the Viability of Community-Based Small Businesses

We aggregate, organize, manage, educate, and resource small business owners exclusively. And we pride ourselves in providing exemplary entrepreneurial resources to empower our Operators to achieve their highest potential. When you contract with Big Star, you bring opportunities to your local communities.

SERVICES WE OFFER The New Standard of Paratransit & NEMT

What if we could deliver the quality of paratransit with the flexibility of NEMT?


Non-Emergency Medical Transportation

We know that finding affordable, trustworthy, accessible transportation for medical visits can be challenging. Big Star Transit offers safe, secure, and sensitive service with professionally skilled and reliable Operators. We ensure that all of our Operators are screened with the proper licenses and certifications.

Happy male doctor discussing with senior patient at table in clinic

Paratransit Services For Organizations And Medical Facilities

Big Star Transit services not-for-profits, rehab facilities, medical facilities, senior living communities, and assisted living communities, offering transportation solutions to get valued clients to “necessary appointments, therapies, and social activities”. We promise to provide safe, secure, sensitive, and reliable transportation service in vehicles that are clean, in good mechanical order, and meet ADA requirements, operated by professionally skilled and FTA compliant Operators for the comfort and convenience of our passengers.

Interested in Contracting with Big Star?

We look forward to your call.

Please contact

Mr. Larry C. Biggers, Jr.
Director of Market Development
Big Star Transit, LLC

Phone: 469-327-7001

Email: lbiggers@bigstartransit.com

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