Award-Winning Turnkey NEMT & Paratransit Services

A robust network of well-educated, fully organized, and road-monitored vehicle Operators ready to transport your passengers to their most valued appointments

Big Star is reimagining the future of specialized passenger transport.

A Network so Innovative It Will Never Let You Down

Our network of Owner-Operators and Small Business Enterprise partners works as a team with one mission and one goal: to make sure every service request is answered in a safe, timely manner. At Big Star, we offer scalable transport capacity to suit your ever-changing needs, so your service never misses a beat.

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Raising the Bar on Service

Our passengers feel respected and valued because our Owner-Operators and Small Business Enterprise partners see great customer service as a part of building their independent businesses. When they partner with Big Star, our Operators receive specialized business education and resources to uphold our industry-leading standards.

Proprietary Technology Makes Our Rides Safer

We developed our own technology to monitor every facet of the ride in real time, from car speed to vehicle safety metrics to time of arrival at every stop along the way. Our software enables us to monitor our network with a high degree of accuracy, minimizing human errors that jeopardize safety. This brings accountability to Operators and passengers alike.

Our Operators have the most important role with Big Star.

Our network of Owner-Operators and Small Business Enterprise partners transport passengers to their medical appointments and other important functions. Many of our passengers travel in wheelchairs or need other mobility assistance to get around. Our operators drive safety-approved vehicles and are certified in all aspects of assisting passengers in need of paratransit and NEMT services.

The Best in Transit Partner with Big Star

“We’ve got high standards that we need to meet for our clients, and Big Star exceeds those standards. They take initiative. They communicate well. They’re innovative, especially when it comes to service. To say they have an owner’s mentality is a huge understatement. I see them as partners and really value the work they do.”

Brian Balogh, COO
MTM Transit, LLC


Woman-Owned. Industry-Veteran Led. Community-Driven.

Our CEO, Ms. Tanya Biggers, has led this company to great heights, partnering with her husband, our COO, Mr. Larry Biggers, Sr.

Larry Sr. spent 20+ years fixing the service issues associated with large transit agencies before deciding to innovate the essential and missing component the industry desperately needed: aggregating, mentoring, and empowering local entrepreneurs from the community.

As Founder, Managing Partner, and co-architect of Big Star Transit’s innovative operating model, Tanya has created a business framework designed to deliver the new standard of value, quality, and satisfaction Big Star clients and passengers have come to know and love. Her  extensive experience across industry sectors, including real estate, law, not-for-profit, wealth management, sales, marketing, human resources, and consulting, have brought the top executive leadership Big Star has leveraged to soar.

Larry and Tanya are inspired by bringing local communities access to new opportunities. At Big Star, any responsible, hardworking person who has the heart and the grit to become an entrepreneur can make a great living with meaningful work.

Set the Bar. Drive with Big Star.

We want you to partner with us.

  1. Meaningful entrepreneurial opportunity
  2. The freedom to build your own business
  3. Entrepreneurial education & resources
  4. No start-up costs
  5. Flexible service hours
  6. A company where your partnership is highly valued
  7. Leadership who honors your uniqueness

Partnering with Big Star could be for you!


We’ve reimagined the passenger experience.

Professional Service with a Smile

Cheerful, Compassionate Rides with Operators Who Truly Care

Accountable to Quality

An Attitude of Service

Industry-Leading Safety Standards

Real-Time Ride Monitoring, Reporting, and Analysis

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Contract with Big Star

  • A More Robust Network at Your Service
  • Unlimited Access to Certified NEMT & Paratransit Operators
  • Flexible, Dynamic Deployment at the Ready
  • Fully Managed Service to Reduce Your Administrative Burden
  • Automated Electronic Tracking (No more paper manifests!)
  • Reduced Impact from Asset-Heavy Deployments
  • Seamless Integration at Contract Turnover
  • Scale Back Costly Insurance Overhead
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