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Your Role with Big Star

Providing a very special service: transporting people to medical appointments and other important functions. Many of our passengers travel in wheelchairs or need other mobility assistance to get around. We’ll guide you on your certification journey to transport these individuals safely.

  • Meaningful entrepreneurial opportunity
  • The freedom to build your own business
  • Entrepreneurial education & resources
  • No start-up costs
  • Flexible service hours
  • A company where your partnership is highly valued
  • Leadership who honors your uniqueness

Welcoming Independent Owner-Operators & Small Business Enterprises

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I love what I do, and I make great money doing it.

“I love being a part of the Big Star network. The network leadership is great. They are helpful with anything that we need. Whenever we need something in the field, they tend to us very quickly and give us good energy to help all our clients. I’m excited to keep on contracting with Big Star.”

Kyree Liggins
Independent Owner-Operator with Big Star


Your Success is Our #1 Priority.

Learn to Be a Business Owner
Big Star Owner-Operators and Small Business Enterprises are independent business owners. We give you the business education, resources, and tools you need to succeed.

Pre-screened Passengers for Safer Rides
Unlike other rideshare programs, our passengers are not strangers. They are pre-screened and vetted through healthcare and government programs in advance.

Meet Your Team
At Big Star, you immediately join a large team we call “the network”. We provide a “one for all and all for one” environment where you matter.

Leadership Who Really Cares
You won’t find an executive team who cares more than we do. Our leadership team is accessible and transparent. We’re always here to support you.

Our Onboarding Process is Simple.

Step One. Apply

Complete the form below. You’ll receive an email to select a time for an interview.

Step Two. Begin Your Journey as a Professional Operator

We’ll assist you in understanding and acquiring the certifications needed to be a successful Owner-Operator, from passenger safety to defensive driving to business ownership fundamentals.

Step Three. Pick Up Your Vehicle

If you don’t have a vehicle equipped to transport our passengers, you can lease one from us. Your credit will not be a factor.

Step Four. Start Earning with Our App

Your smart phone becomes your mobile office on the go. You’ll be able to see your trips, complete your invoices, and connect with your team all inside our app.

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Our Quality Policy

Big Star maintains the highest regard for customer service and safety. We are unquestionably ethical in everything we do, and we’re committed to seeking continuous improvement in all aspects of our company.

Big Star always takes care of their Operators.

Big Star is a great company to work for. They take care of us, as independent Operators. They call us partners. They’re in constant communication with us, so we always know what’s going on. They really help you build your business. I like working for them.

Udolpha Fulton
Independent Owner-Operator with Big Star


We have industry-leading safety standards.

We provide our Operators with top-notch resources and information, so they are equipped to deliver the safest rides possible. In our industry, safety is the most important aspect of everything we do. At Big Star, you can expect:

  • Safe vehicles
  • Remote safety monitoring
  • Vehicle telematics
  • Vehicle maintenance every 5,000 miles
  • Vetted ridership
  • Insurance coverage at state and local limits

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You’re applying as an individual, not a corporation or LLC.


You’re applying as a corporation or LLC.

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